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WD Gann Course in India: WD Gann Time Cycles Decoder

WD Gann Course in India : WD Gann Cycle Decoder is based on Gann Theory and is for a Trader who wants to trade in different Stocks in India Stock Market NSE and BSE or other global markets. WD Gann Cycle Decoder Course has been made keeping in mind that some times a particular market is in non trading zone like NSE, BSE, S&P 500, Nasdaq, FTSE, DAX, Nifty , Nifty 50, Bank Nifty , Nifty Bank, Gold, Silver, Crude etc. During such times you can trade in the stocks, currencies, commodities that have clear trend and also match with the time of reversals. You can have edge by trading in these scrips while avoiding trading in other no trade zone scrips.

Often the biggest secrets are found in the bottom most part. So please read till the end.




The Biggest Edge of this course is Market Timing Thru WD Gann Time Cycles

Second biggest egde is getting a Big Impulse of above 20%.

20% Impulse move, up or down when traded in options multiplies the money, and that is what we are aiming for.


Be Assured of What you are going to learn. Coz after this course you will not have to search for another course. The Biggest Mistake Traders are doing is that they are continuously spending money to learn technical analysis one after another. As a result they don’t only loose the course fees amount but also some more capital in trading as per the methods they have learned. This is based on one of my student’s experience and he approached me hesitantly thinking the same experience might repeat. However, every thing has changed for him. He has learned methods to make money in the market, and now he doesn’t has to find another course, he is totally satisfied. But I must also appreciate that ultimately he found us helped himself by not accepting the previous failure.


What will you Learn from WD Gann Time Cycles Decoder Course?

  • You will get a method to trade in swing moves of 5-40 days.
  • To Predict 4-8 stocks in coming days to make an Big Move Down or Up of 20% or more
  • You will get a method to Filter the Trade-able Stocks for coming days and months in advance
  • You will learn complete system when to get in and when to get out and stop revision
  • Learn how to identify Very High Probability Trading Opportunities using Futures and Options
  • Ability to Trade in many stocks with Defined Risk, while Unlimited Reward
  • Filter the trade into which instrument should be Traded Option, Future or Cash
  • Identifying Fixed WD Gann Cycles
  • Combination of WD Gann Cycles with various Traditional Indicators
  • How to Ride the Huge Profits
  • How to create a separate wealth of Bank Balance over the years with this method?


Accuracy of the system is more than 70% and sometimes 90%. This Gann Course will give you trading Methods which can enhance your own trading abilities dramatically.

The method does not involves WD Gann Angles or Astrology or WD Gann Square of 9 or Hexagon or Time Price Squaring . The method is unique and involves Gann Astronomy (not astrology) which could be used by a 8th Standard Kid and it gives an edge to you over your fellow traders and friends when it coming to predicting any particular stock. I have shared the Zodiac Symbols and names and also planet symbols and names on this page. So you can learn the initial things on this page itself. Out of all the courses that I teach this is the best course you will ever learn from me.

Gann Square of 9




Gann Cycle


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WD Gann Course in India

Gann Cycle Decoder Course_v3



Below I have given enough past predictions which are very big moves, So please dont ask for telling new stock to watch. Only Learn if you are convinced with past forecasts (links mentioned below).


This is the link for my post –

More links of predictions done by me in the past. I only aim for big moves and that is the key of my success.

EW & Gann Analysis: SBI could test 228 and then may be 220

HDIL may trade atleast 83 before 31 December 2015

EW and GANN analysis:Ajanta Pharma Target Achieved- 1465 to 1600, Time Target was off by two days

SBI reached 280 to 249 as projected by the Fibonacci Technique on 25th May 2015


You can pick any stock from any global or international market including Nasdaq, FTSE, DAX, Hang Seng, Nikkie or Nifty or Sensex F&O like Reliance, Infy, SBI or a Index like Nifty or Bank Nifty or Gold or Silver or Crude Oil or other Base Metals or IT or Metal or Pharma indexes depending on your choice. You can even take currencies USD/INR, EUR/INR, GBP/INR etc you will be able to decode its cycles.

Gann Cycle Decoder Course


Financial Astrology

Course Duration – Gann Cycle Decoder is a 3 Months course, with basic  classes spread across for first 30 Days (basic classes  could be completed quickly if you learn face to face, in 2 days)+ Learn my Entry and Exits.  Practical trade setups and for next 2 months.


Gann Cycle Decoder level-1

Gann Cycle Decoder level-2 (enquire for fees)


Incase you want to study face to face, we can take classes in your city Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Banglore, Calcutta, Chandigarh in advance notification of atleast 2 months.

If you can want something ready made with out any cycle search then you can opt for the Gann HNI Course where I will provide you the ready made astro cycle list of Aspects for Hot Stocks and rules of entry and exit and how to trade these moves. To know more Please click this link –

You can deposit the fees and inform me at my Mobile or Email ID, to fix the timings for training. Training timings are flexible. In case of any other questions and queries as well mail me at or Call at 9005 979 886


The Cost of Not Doing this Course

Enrollment is closing down. As we planning to do bigger things based on my methods and then we wont be teaching my methods to any one.

If you’re on this page today it means you can still enroll right now, but we are 100% removing the offer.

And just to be clear, this is not some marketing tactic. You truly will NOT be able to enroll in the program at given price.

You may be looking at this program right now and wondering if you can afford it or whether you should invest the money.

Unfortunately, this type of thinking is only looking at the cost of TAKING action.

What about the cost of NOT taking action? What is not taking action costing you on a monthly basis right now?

In lost profits…capital loss…time loss…..stress…embarrassment…strained relationships…and so much more.

If your Trading Skill (Market Timing) is NOT where it needs to be, then it can’t help but take a toll on every area of your life.

Your Trading is an area of life that you’ve likely committed to setting EXCELLENT standards in.

To get excellent Trading results, you must take OUTSTANDING actions.

In this day and age, if you just take good actions you will get POOR results.

Don’t waste your health, time, and capital by letting this go.




Gann Course in India


Gann Nifty Trading Course

WD Gann Course for Elliott Wave Trader

The entire philosophy of earning money (and also ability to retain it) comes from a belief and thinking pattern. If you believe you can be successful person you would be. Encourage you to view this video and 2 other parts you will get on your tube. This vital to strengthen your money beliefs and increased understanding of law of vibration which even WD Gann was advocating.