HDIL Elliott Wave- Price and Time Analysis 15 May 2015

HDIL - Primary Analysis - May-15 2040 PM (1 day)

HDIL in its wave 2, Price and Time Analysis: Time is a critical factor in Elliott waves, the correction should always take atleast 38.2% time of the full 1-5 wave time. generally between 38- 62 % and knowing this fact we should not enter HDIL for there is more correction to be made. Price wise, you have seen 50% correction and still 38% time is to be met which will be met not before 8-10 trading days (visual interpretation). This opens the case of 62% retracement level which lies at 87. Wave C is going on. To learn how to project such levels in advance email me at Ruchirgupta2000@gmail.com. Also, like, follow, tag and share my page with your friends and co traders to get free updates.

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