This Sunday 25th June, Gann Seminar in Mumbai (Andheri East) last few seats left. Hurry!!!!!!!!!!

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Dear Trader,

We are conducting the WD Gann Cycle Workshop for Timing and Trading 4 Equity/Stocks, one Gold, one Silver on 25th June 2017 (Sunday) at Andheri, Mumbai.

Course Fees is inclusive of Tax and Lunch

Benefits of this seminar
•Cycles costing 60,000 each available at 10,000. (we teach one cycle for 10,000 and in this seminar you will learn 6 cycles)
•Upcoming positional cycles in Gold, Silver and Equity stocks
•Positional cycles for 20 days to 90 days for very big moves
•Above 80% accurate cycles
•Few 100% accurate cycles
•Cheaper cost
•Face to face learning

Topics Covered

•Gann Entry and Exit technique applicable to other Strategies
•Gann Stop revision and profit locking system
•One cycle for Gold
•One cycle for Silver
•Four cycles for Equities
•Back testing to show the percentage of accuracy of these cycles

Date: 25 June 17

Timing 10am to 6pm

Venue: Blue Hat Fusion, 4 & 5 Radha CHS Ltd.,Telli Galli, opp. Chatwani Hall or opp. Workout Gym, Andheri East, Mumbai, 400069

Landmark: Near Workout Gym

You may also call at 9005 979 886 for any queries or email to ruchirgupta2000@gmail.com to confirm your participation.


Ruchir Gupta

Gratitude to WD Gann Time Cycles: My Silver Trade so far giving 1300 Points

As per my Gann Time Cycle analysis I was expecting a correction in Silver. I made an entry right on the day of exact high, Silver fell within few minutes after my entry. I was short in April 2017 Contract at 42585, Silver though recovered and tested the previous top Above which there was my stop. After testing this top and making double top Silver kept falling and has so far reached 41300. Which is 1300 points of profit. I am expecting Silver to come to 38500 as per my cycle analysis. I will cover there and stop watching silver until a new cycle time does not comes.

Watch this video to see where I am expecting it to move.

WD Gann Time Cycle Analysis indicates Tata Steel may fall atleast 30% in line with Nifty and Australian Equity Index.

WD Gann Time Cycle Analysis indicates Tata Steel may fall atleast 30%

WD Gann Time Cycle Analysis  indicates Tata Steel may fall atleast 30% in line with Nifty and Australian Equity Index.

The present top is around 508. With minimum 30% correction I am expecting atleast 360-350 as my target.

Please also refer to my previous post on Nifty and Australian Index XAO correction along with video in that link

WD Gann Analysis on Australian Equity Index and Nifty for coming months


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How can I successfully earn money by trading options of NIFTY?

My answer to How can I successfully earn money by trading options of NIFTY?

Answer by Ruchir Gupta:

You need to find some one who has done it in the past, and who can guide you. As you know stock market is risky and option trading is riskier. I only Trade in Positional Nifty and Stock Options, I know the Intraday Methods as well but I save my Time for Analyzing , Researching and Training as I become tired if do Intraday and same I recommend to others, keep away from Intraday. Still if you want follow step in this answer, I gave few days back. What is the best strategy for nifty option trading? What I am going to write has many trading lessons for positional trading, so read it carefully

There are many many factors you need to learn about.

  • Options Expiry: Options have a expiry period, so if the Nifty is not trading In-The-Money , your option may expire worthless. In such cases if you know that 500 points movement you seek may take 20 days, while current expiry only left with 10 days, go and trade in the next month contract.
  • Trade the Cycle: Nifty options trading cant be done every time. Means there are times when you should be aware that a Trade-able Cycle will be due after may be 7 days, dont take any position till that time. And when time comes trade the Cycle. I have shown Cycles in the below Daily Chart of Nifty, which are some what very similar in duration.
  • Sit aside when there is no trend: As per Gann Methods the tops are rarely spiky meaning that there is a distribution phase on the tops and a lot of sideways movement takes place. So you should be aware on Tops that you are not stuck on sideways movement.
  • 60–70% times market is sideways: you need to understand that Nifty is in sideways trend for 60–70% times. So you will have to be disciplined when trading in Nifty options on the Buy side (I am assuming you are talking about earning by buying the options and not selling, coz option selling requires capital like 10 Lacks minimum.)
  • Cycle Identification: Very Simple and Effective Method. This is a real example of Nifty Check on the Nifty charts. If the market is in Bearish mode. I mean if the high made is lower than the previous high and Nifty Starts moving down breaks the previous low, this means the trend is down. Now measure the low to low number of days, suppose its 20, again measure low to low its 25, you have catched the rhythm or vibration of this cycle. You know now that there is a high probability for nifty to make a next low between 20–25 days. look to cover your shorts in this area. Same thing could be done for high to high.
  • Nifty and Planets: Try to learn about the Planet Combinations which are cause of change in trend in Nifty. This may help you to prepare in advance and take position in advance. If you want you can click on this link to know more about Planetary Cycles in Nifty.
  • Know yourself: Ask yourself that, How much time you could dedicate to Trading? I will tell you fast decisions are usually wrong decisions. I know my temperament and hence I take time to think about a trade many days in advance before making a trade. the ticks of up and down are very addictive and people waste their entire day in front of terminal and end of day not able to take home any profits.

How can I successfully earn money by trading options of NIFTY?

Technical Analysis: What indicator works best for you and why? (equities, not real time)

My answer to Technical Analysis: What indicator works best for you and why? (equities, not real time)

Answer by Ruchir Gupta:

I dont know under which category should this be method be classified. However, this has been working Superb for me. And I use them for Positional Trading.

Certainly it is not Technical Analysis, however it is a great tool for making money in any Indices, Stocks, Currencies, Commodities. The Method is Astronomy, used by many Profitable Traders (including WD GANN: A legend in the field of Trading who used Astro and Planet movement for Prediction) but its yet under cover and not known to general public.

There many techniques like:

  1. Planetary Ingress, that is when a planet enters in new house: watch in this Image, Gann had marked the times of Planet Ingress is this chart.

2. Planet conjunctions, oppositions (180), square (90), Trines (120): Seen that many a times these aspects of two planets separate by a particular degrees produce some magnetic energy to flow from one place to another which disturbs the regular trend and hence a reversal in a stock, commodity, currency is made

3.Planet Retrograde and planet again Turning Direct: As each planet has its own magnetic field and it stays at one place (or moves slowly) when becomes retrograde then also stocks have been seen to got reversed. For Eg: watch Saturn retrograde and your major stocks and indices, you will find a correlation.

4. Solar and Lunar Eclipse: They also have been seen cause market reversals. I have back-tested these techniques so I know that they work, in case you are seeking to go ahead and test them let me know.

Technical Analysis: What indicator works best for you and why? (equities, not real time)

Is there any scientifically valid way to distinguish non-random stock price movement from random noise?

My answer to Is there any scientifically valid way to distinguish non-random stock price movement from random noise?

Answer by Ruchir Gupta:

Yes, there is a scientific valid way, however first you need to understand why it is scientifically valid.

Reason is a lot of people dont believe in Astrology and that is fine as I have also been a not believer, however I was able to make room for understanding that Astronomy is scientific and reason was simple that there is a gravitational pull of all these planets which hold them together hanging in the space and this gravitational pull or Magnetic Current also influences Human mind, influences the weather on earth, alters tides and currents and brings natural calamities.

I am just giving you a hint go and test that when Saturn Retrogrades* what happens in the Global Equity Indices, it could be S&P, Nasdaq, TASI, FTSE, DAX or even currencies. Saturn Retrograde often correlates with fall in major Equity Indices. If you are backtest and see the correlation you will be amazed. This is just one phenomenon. There are many more. If feel excited after testing the results with Saturn, test for other planets are well.

Retrograde Motion: This is referred as when a planet starts appearing to move backwards when viewed from earth.

Is there any scientifically valid way to distinguish non-random stock price movement from random noise?

What makes the price of gold fall?

My answer to What makes the price of gold fall?

Answer by Ruchir Gupta:

  1. Many People may say that Golds Prices Fall when Stock markets rise.
  2. Some will Talk about Demand and Supply.
  3. Some refer it as a fear indicator so, if fear rises amongst the equity market Gold prices rise and if all things and global events are doing well, in other words no fear then Gold prices fall.

While, the fact is that the prices of all the stocks and commodities including Gold are governed by Planets and cluster of stars known as Zodiacs. I am not talking about Astrology but Astronomy. Which is just simple a method by which a reversal could be predicted by knowing which planets to look at. I have tested these Methods myself and predicted market and stocks reversals in advance many times using these methods.

You may understand very simply that Sun causes day and night, our body cycles and body clocks are tuned with sun. Photosynthesis in plants is dependent on SUN. So we can say that is there is no SUN then there will be no life. We have to accept that SUN has some powers and so have all the other planets got. If we could look market is this manner and understand the magnetic currents and energy flows of these planets then we may find a method which could be used to predict the Reversals in the Gold or any other trading commodity.

What makes the price of gold fall?