Connection- WD Gann Elliott Wave Theory

WD Gann Elliott Wave Theory- Lost Connections

There are a lot connections in WD Gann Elliott Wave Theory. WD Gann though started trading in 1898 and this was when no Elliott Wave was discovered. In-fact next 10 years Gann used in his research about the markets , he also traveled India, Egypt and London in this duration.

If you study works of Gann you will know he was already working with the principles of Elliott Waves Theory, However he just did not got restricted to patterns and market observations, but he also did much beyond that.

One thing which always strikes me was that W D Gann visited Egypt and yet not used Fibonacci numbers. Quiet Astonishing! Since I have worked on Elliott Waves as well, I know that in Elliott Waves there are Internal retracement levels or percentages, which are 23.8%, 38%, 50% (this is not a Fibonacci retracement), 61.8% etc. All these percentages are derived from dividing Fibonacci numbers. I will Explain that in another article, that how these numbers are derived.

Now once again Ralph Nelson Elliott did not know about Fibonacci Numbers though he was using these numbers for predicting the reversal in the market and not for Internal Fibonacci retracements. These Retracement works were later introduced by other practitioners of Elliott Waves. Did these practitioners knew Gann Methods? or was that just coincidence?

WD Gann very similarly used retracement levels by dividing the range in 8 parts.

1/4= 25% very similar to 24% retracement

1/3= 33.33% nearly 38% retracement

1/2- 50% (Did Elliott Wave people stole this percentage from WD Gann and still mocked Gann ?)

3/8= 60% very similar to 62% retracement


WD Gann Elliott Wave Theory- More connections

William D Gann was detailed oriented person and he soon by his observation noticed that markets fall or rise in three or four sections. He had many more observations which RN Elliott never did coz Ralph Nelson Elliott had less time of market trading experience as he started when he was already 60 plus years old.

An striking truth about Elliott Waves as used by RN Elliott was that he only used Channels he himself never used any kind of Fibonacci retracements. This was very similar to what Gann was doing, Gann was using Angles however he very frequently use to draw a parallel line to his Gann Angles. I accept that all of this could be correlation, however I can prove that its not just a correlation. Einstein and Bohr were inventing similar things on atom, Thomas Addison and Nikolas Tesla were working on Direct current and Alternate Current at the same time. Gautam Buddha and Mahavir Jain were teaching spiritual things at same time in two different parts of India. I will not complete … you are allowed to conclude….