EW & Gann Analysis: Is Nifty moving towards the 8500? 2

Going by EW Analysis Nifty refused to break below 7500 and now the upside could be termed as a C wave or 3rd Wave. While, Pitchfork’s Mid line is placed near 8500. Gartley Pattern also gives the range o 8414- 8504. Above all Gann uncle also have the similar views and Time wise the top should be expected 30 Dec to First half of January 2016.

NIFTY - Alternate 1 - Dec-01 2121 PM (1 day)

If the top is delayed and is made in January mid to second half then we could also see the levels of 8700.  8700 levels also lies a Gann planetary line. If I shift the Gartley pattern to the lower top then it also gives 8700 levels. But If 8700 comes then I want you to send me a smiley on my mail Ruchirgupta2000@gmail.com

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