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7 Nov 2016

Kisi ne likha ye –

करीब से जानने वालों ने मेरा क़त्ल कर दिया ….
गैरो पर मुझे ऐतबार कहाँ था ।
निकलेंगे मेरे अपने ही मेरे कातिल …
इसका भी मुझे अहसाह कहाँ था ।….

to maine likha ye-

zindagi ek cycle hai, jab daudti hai dhalaan par, to lagti hai asaan par, girati hai chikney maidaan par…. zindagi ek cycle hai, jab chadti hai chadaan par, to lagti hai mushkil par, safar pura karati hai sambhall kar.. mushkil zindagi hi asli zindagi hai, bina mushkil ke maza bhi kaha ata hai, jab ek bhi kadam agey na badhey tab daud jao, ruh ko chain bhi tabhi aata hai…. to be continued…

23 May 2015

They say existence of multiverse proven, but lets see wasnt it proven already?? there several ways to confirm it. 1) according to Holy books, Vishnu is breathing and with his breathe exhales coming out trillions of “Bramhas” (Universes”)… 2) when 2 people with equal faith, worship god, on a same matter, but they want different outcomes and they are actually opponent to each other, both these people have achieved every thing they desired in thier life, they make perfect strategy to complete any goal and offcourse they mix faith with it. Who will win in this situation? coz there can only be 1 winner?, now lets review the god, he helps those who help themselves, hence god is going to help them both. now it is also known god never shows down to his follower, hence god is not going to let down any of them. then what the hell is going to happen? who will win and who loose? The concept of multiverse says both will win. Here is effort to integrate, lets pickup the concept of god is within each individual. meaning there by each person is Vishnu in himself (Vishnu is referred as consciousness). till we inhale exhale we are conscious. deeper breathes give us better thinking capability (scientifically proven). Pranayama also helps in same process, when we control our breathe for better thinking and hence life. Each day we get 60,000 different thoughts in our mind. These thoughts are result of feelings/emotional states, our each emotional state (we will know that State is a very small territory,smaller than country, world, universe) has a different breathing rate. Meaning if we change the breathing rate we will be able to notice a immediate change in our emotional (not state) universe. Now, thinking that we ourselves are Vishnu we are breathing out the possibilities in the form of breathes. what ever kind of breathe we will exhale will be a exact replica of the universe (state) we are in. Will share more on the subject, but start changing your universe coz if you are determined to do something your breathing will also follow that thinking frequency and you will land into the universe where you will win n be happy and conquer everything that you desire and if you think you arent good enough, you are weak, defeatble. and will be trapped in a universe of no possibilities, offcourse one could come out it with changing the breathing and emotional state/universe. hoping that is will make sense to make our lives better

Date:13 September 2015

Another effort to prove that, Our Futures are in our Hands…

Trying to establish a connection between Determination (free will) and Astrology, For past one year I faced huge paradox trying to establish a connection between Quantum Physics and Astro effects. One was the cosmic phenomenon and another one was the atomic phenomenon. One was being physically visible and another one could be felt.

Quantum Physics said we can get what we want if we are determined while Astrology said everything is predecided and planets are deciding factors, Which obviously does not leaves any room for new discoveries for something new because there is psychological barrier that this cant be done, coz it will be against the prediction. slowly and gradually we surrendered in front of these situations.

I believed my destiny was in my hands but also saw certain astrologers like Nostradamus predicting world events centuries ago.

There was a thing tying the 2 principles (astro and quantum) it was the principle of wave & particle duality.. or Einsteins formulate of E=MC square. which says that is we know the location of the particle we cant determine, if its a waves or if we determine its waves we cant determine its location.

Now while writing this I remember astrologers on TV suggesting certain actions to overcome the malefic effects of the planets, like doing daan, helping others, giving some food to hungry people. these are just few logical actions, there are many more suggestions in which I was not able to correlate.

particle parts of the planets could b used for the future projections, while “free will” and determination could be used to challenge and change the already predicted future. Once Again Remember “Our Futures are in our Hands”

Date:20 July 2014

All of us are unique

it takes so much time to realize that all of us are made unique. god never created any junk. your lesser earnings dont make you seem inferior to a person earning higher than you. your Indian accent doesnt makes you heard inferior to those who can speak english better than you. your looks/ color/ heights are god gifted and even sm1 who might look better than you should not make you feel inferior than them… coz no one can make you feel inferior till you decide to feel the same. …. and having gained that clarity that knowledge just count on your strengths n blessings and make them a bundle of those sticks that together become so strong that they can handle any amount of pressure… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛 😉

Date: 19 July 2014

every time you want to do smthing you stop thinking what will all others think, what will they say, what will they feel. and you waste lost of time in this confusion. then you hear your inner voice because you want to see yourself to accomplish that goal and you dont want to feel bad getting stuck in that situation of taking no steps towards your goals. and then……. you take a step, respect your inner voice and stop caring about what others will feel. …………. and then sm1 says “lagta hai tum pagal ho gaye ho” and then you stop and once again think… and evaluate … you have 2 options….. either step back (which means you are not going to listen to the most important person in your life that is you) … or smile and take remaining steps…. coz the first step was the result of you determinned to not listen to these people…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ……… hail to be crazy…. coz when people say you crazy that is sign that you are making your own way and going in right direction…… life is meant to be explored and not meant to be lived fearing innovations..