Fibonacci Trading Course


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Fibonacci Trading Course , Technique to use without Elliott Wave


In this course you will learn how to project the target levels even before entering into the trade, and hence you will know your Risk reward, targets, stops well in advance. This Fibonacci course is an attempt to bring out some lesser known Fibonacci Ratio techniques known only to few traders.

Here are some studies that were published before the moves happened. This is the edge that Fibonacci Trading Course provides!


SBI reached 280 to 249 as projected by the Fibonacci Technique on 25th May 2015

Nifty Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis Update 4th June 15

Nifty Elliott Wave and Fibonacci Analysis 25 May 2015


Course Content

Fibonacci Basics

  • What is Fibonacci?
  • Fibonacci Numbers and Ratios
  • Why are markets behaving as per these ratios?


Fibonacci Retracement types

  • Internal or Common Retracements
  • Expansion or External Retracements
  • Symmetry Retracements
  • How to merge them and identify the high probability reversal areas in Advance


Using Oscillators

  • Tweaking & twisting the Oscillators
  • How can Oscillators increase the rate of Winning Trades


Fibonacci and Oscillators give double confirmation

  • Obvious or visible trend lines
  • Invisible
  • What point on the chart to be ignored while making the trend line


Using Trendlines

  • Obvious Trendlines
  • Invisible Trendlines


Major Candlestick Patterns

  • Doji,
  • Hammer
  • Other Bear and Bull candles


Entry/ Exit Strategy & Combining all of them together to get a super system of trading

  • Risk Reward
  • When to enter?
  • How to enter?
  • What should be the Stop?
  • When to book profits?
  • When to revise the Stops?
  • When to Exit?


Mode of learning and requirements:

  • Good Internet connection
  • Team viewer for remote viewing
  • Skype connection to listen what I am teaching, and your understanding
  • A headphone
  • A pen and note book to take notes of whatever you learn


This course requires hard work as there will be home work will be assigned to find out certain charts which fulfill the required criteria for trading. How to identify the best opportunity amongst, 10- 15 charts available for analysis. It is this hard work which eventually will increase your accuracy. The Fees for the course is Rs 36,000.

Training timings are flexible. In case of any other questions and queries as well mail me at or Call at 9005 979 886


Bank details

Ruchir Gupta

Axis Bank

Account No. 912010058534970

IFSC Code: UTIB0001879