Financial Astrology Course in India Online

Financial Astrology Course

This Diwali we are starting a monthly Financial Astrology Course that will be run on a Telegram Channel.

1. We will cover Indian Financial Astrology, and other methods relevant for timing of Stocks, Nifty and other Indexes, Commodities, Currency via telegram, audios, videos and webinars and pdfs.
Financial Astrology Channel Starting this Diwali
What you get?
A. How to apply various Dashas like Vimshottri, Jaimini, Yogini etc on Stocks Natal.
B. Transit System of Bigger Planets
C. Transit System of Smaller Planets
D. How to prepare kundali and read it North Indian as well as South Indian
E. Various Chakras Like Sarvatobadhra Chakra
F. Working with eclipses for prediction
G. Working with Commodities as well will be included.
H. Annual Horoscopy and much more.

2. Each month we will build upon the learning of previous month.
3. Study guidance on what to study, which book n which chapter to study.(will be giving the source for the book to download in case available online)
4. Each month new lessons via telegram msgs, audios, Videos, webinars, ebooks, notes and pdfs.
5. Traders or Investors both can join, New or old Traders, Part time or Full time Traders, Equity or Commodity or Currency Traders, Cash, Futures or Options Traders, Intraday or Positional Traders interested in learning can join. People who dont know any thing about astrology can also join.
6. Relevant Queries related to lessons can be mailed via students. Which will be solved in via telegram messages, recorded audios, videos, webinars and notes.


1. The Financial Astrology course will be English/ Hindi Language. You must be able to understand both the launguages as few things will be in english while other in hindi. I will not repeat same thing in both languages. This may also be dependent on which book we be talking in refernce to.
2. Every month you will be getting lessons on telegram lessons which you will have to do a practical research on.
3. You can leave the course at any month you want, once left there is no option to rejoin. The more you continue , the more you will learn and build upon previous knowledge
4.Only option to join from first month. We can take students till 30th Oct 19. Once the course starts, we cant take students. There may be a seperate batch for Gann cource , if I will have spare time. No Gann or Western Astro will be included in current financial astrology course.

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