Financial Astrology Course

Financial Astrology Course

see and read few of my past predictions. In case interested to make such predictions yourself.


Gann Financial Astrology: Reliance Industries to reach 1800 in 6-12 months


If you see, when I made the prediction, Reliance Industries was trading at 928 and as of today 22 August 2018 it has gained almost 33% reaching 1247.


The Trade in gold was taken keeping in mind a important top in Mind and note that on 13 th April of my prediction, gold made a top in a week and is falling till date and has completed the target of 29800 and made lows of 29400, however it took a little longer than I expected.


WD Gann Analysis: MCX Cardamom to reach 1260

At writing of this Post Cardomam is trading at 1400 , today 22 August 2018, from 948. How could this be done? Simple Financial Astrology.