Gann Master Time Cycle Course

If you don’t know about Gann’s Master Time Cycles, then read this otherwise jump to next para. WD Gann was legendry trader, some his techniques like Gann Square of Nine and Gann Angles are very popular, However WD Gann was about Cycles, the cycle prevalent in the markets. Gann went to London Library and there he research for 1000 year of wheat data, Cotton and other commodities and he studied the huge cycles first, these cycles were like 30,45,90,20,15,10,5 years.
The aim of Gann Master Time Cycle Course is to make you as a Traders and Investors get into research of past history of the markets and which may be many of you have never done before. Markets are falling and many Traders and Investors are new to the markets, they have never seen the past history, sometimes they refrain from doing the hard work of checking the history as a result they lose their “Hard Earned Money“.
There are ways to overcome these drawbacks of falling markets and that could be done by analysing past cycles. This analysis will not only save you from entering bad times but also give you many opportunites of entering right stocks at right time, like watch
1. Reliance Industries for 1997, 2007, 2017, if you see the biggest bull runs happening in this stock at 7th year of the decade then you can say inside your mind let me watch or invest small amount or look for trading opportunites in 2027 in Reliance Industries stock. So you have one stock already in your list.
2. Watch Nifty and Sensex for 1983 to 1987, 1993 to 1997, 2003 to 2007, 2013 to 2017 were the Bull runs. After you are done reading this course page you need to go and test these cycles yourself and if convinced come and join me.
3. Again see there is a cycle in 1998, 2008 and now……. oh…. great…. you have started predicting……. my god. I cant believe …. The current Nifty Index is down from 11,800 to 10,000. around 15% correction has happened. And you and me predicting the same cycle?? wow … its amazing how great these cycles have been working.
 This course will continue for many months and with each research your learning curve will rise.
Objective of the Course
1. Learning how to Analyse Historical Charts
2. Learn how to Reducing Risk
3. How to Eliminate Cycles of Uncertainty
4. How to make a Market Map for many years in advance.
5. The best Stock in the market map for years ahead.
6. Outperform the overall Markets
 Content of the Course
1. Master Cycles present in all Indian stocks and Index from Historical Data
2. Master Cycles map of full market with one cycle
3. Master Cycles map of full market with second cycle
4. Utilizing Other Cycles
5. Finalizing Duration of the Cycle
6. Targeting
7. Chart Data Sources
 Watch the video below and see if it enhances your knowledge.