How do I shape my career as a Trader?

My answer to How do I shape my career as a Trader?

Answer by Ruchir Gupta:

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Ruchir Gupta's answer to How do I pursue my career in Stock Exchange?

  1. Apart from this I would suggest to read books on trading.
  2. Network with successful traders.
  3. Network with Algo trade programmers.
  4. Do real trading for one month and stop it and start Paper Trading, this will help you to understand the difference (mainly Psychological) between the two.
  5. Record your trades real as well as paper trades and analyse your improvement areas and strengths.
  6. Take courses, Seminars on the subject, ( I teach Gann and Elliott Waves , these are the two best methods for timing and targeting the markets)

How do I shape my career as a Trader?

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