Learn Gann Square of 9: Free Lessons on WD Ganns Calculator

What is Gann Square of Nine?

Gann Square of Nine levels are Twin brothers to Fibonacci Levels , Traders are not able to recognize the similarity between the two and this is very sad. Gann’s Square of Nine will work in any thing ranging from Commodity, Currency, Stocks, Index or any liquid scrip. Traders are mad after square of 9 and they forget all other tequniques Gann had mentioned and these other techniques could be worked out with Gann Square of Nine. Square of Nine is just a part of bigger system by WD Gann, so if you try those other techniques with Square of Nine you can escalate your trading knowledge.


What are the Other Techniques, which could be used with Square of Nine?

Untill and and unless you dont know the Cycle operating is Bearish or Bullish how will decide which side to trade in the market.

I dont consider buy above this and sell below this levels as best use of Gann’s square of nine. WD Gann used Square of Nine with Astro Cycles and that must be your goal, also, it takes some time to master the Gann’s Master Cycles and Astro Cycles and Astro behind the Master Cycles. So first step is to understand the Cycles then Square of Nine. Those who dont believe astro cycles or Astronomy, I have designed a better way to track the cycles.

What is Could be other uses of Ganns Square of Nine?

I think WD Gann’s Square of Nine is a very deep tool, you should first dive deeper to what all techniques it could be connected with. I am assuming that you are using Gann Square of nine for Price. So here are my questions for you to search answers for and these questions will help you to move in right direction and you will get a bunch of techniques to be used with Swing trading and square of Nine.

  1. Is there any thing related to Time which I can use with this calculator?
  2. Could Gann Angles be combined with Square of Nine?
  3. Could Planets and Astronomy be used with Gann Square of Nine?
  4. WD Gann talked about sections in the market, how these sections relate with square of 9 and Swing Trading

Learn Gann Square of 9 : Free Lessons on WD Gann’s Calculator

These are the Free lessons on Gann Square of Nine. Please view the lessons in the sequence I have aranged here on this page. (ignore parts, it could be that part 9 come before part 3 or part 6 as the videos were made randomly as and when the thoughts came to my mind.

Gann Square of Nine Seminar in Mumbai India



Gann Square of Nine: How Make Gann Square of Nine from Scratch in Part-9

This is a very basis video of , how to construct the Gann Square of Nine from scratch and how it is related with squares of numbers and also. For more Info visit http://ruchirgupta.co.in/gann-square-nine-seminar-mumbai-india/


WD Gann Square of Nine: A Different View – Part 1

As a trader we all know that Diagonals are Important in Square of Nine, However people fail to note that these diagonal numbers are not exactly opposite. Just wanted to bring this in view of traders who might not be knowing this fact. Thanks for Watching. Subscribe for more Videos. and press Bell icon to stay updated. My website: www.RuchirGupta.co.in




WD Ganns Square of Nine: Egyptian Pyramids (rediscovering the secrets) Part-2

Hi, I am Ruchir from www.ruchirgupta.co.in and this Video is one of several parts on Square of Nine which I will be uploading in coming days. Square of Nine is not just a trading tool, it is much more than that. Its replica of Pyramids in Egypt and Pyramids in Egypt are not just limited to earth, they are a time calculating machine for ages and cycles of thousands and millions of years. Thanks for watching this video. If you liked please subscribe and hit the bell icon so that you don’t miss any video which I will be updating in coming days.




WD Gann Square of Nine: Number 144’s Relation with Fibonacci and Squares and Ages- Part-3

Hi, this video expands into the previous parts released on WD Ganns Square of 9. We will also see some trading videos and before that I want you to understand the basis and deeper insights. You may like to subscribe my channel and also press the bell icon. Also in case you liked info shared in this video people like it and share this video to enhance the knowledge of your dearest friends.


WD Gann Square of Nine Calculator: Where are the divisions of Circle falling? Part-6

Gann Square of Nine. Where are the Divisions of a Circle falling at WD Gann’s Square of Nine Calculator.
For more info visit www.Ruchirgupta.co.in




Philosphical and other parts of Square of 9


Gann Square of 9: Diving deeper into Pyramids and Energy Structures Part-10

We are diving deeper into esoteric side of Square of Nine or the Pyramids and the Energy Structures visible. for more Info visit www.ruchirgupta.co.in


WD Ganns Square of Nine: Direction Pointed by WD Gann Part-4

This video is on Tunnel Thru the Air. A Great book by WD Gann.
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