Question and Answers Page- Gann Planetary Cycles

This question answer list may solve most of queries for those who want to join my Gann Planetary Cycles Course or Seminars or Webinars.

Q.Please give some Details , ie Benefits of Training with Cycles Course?
Ans. 20-70 days trend in one direction, entry exit date known in advance, minimum percentage target calculation. Stop revision to lock profits. Like if there is any cycle in Crude for 40 days, I will trade that n close position. After that I will not trade crude until ,1. This same cycle repeats. But since the cycle will repeat after many months. I trade in some other instrument with High accuracy or may be wait for some other cycle in Crude with other planets.
Every stock , index , commodity has 2 -5 high accuracy cycles

Q.What is the Accuracy of these cycles?
Ans. I prefer cycles with 70% and above . Though there are 100% accurate cycles. Gann Planetary Cycles are based on past performance. Though there is chance of failure but we should trade something with previous record rather than random trading.

Q.How much time required to learn one cycle?
Ans. One cycle takes 1.5 hours, I will also show statistical back testing to show the accuracy of that particular cycle, Entry and Exit Dates with profit maximization rules along with target setting.

Q. Can it be used by part time traders?
Ans. Yes, since my cycles capture big moves by holding position, it is good for part time traders.

Q. Can it be used by Intraday or Active Traders?

Ans. Yes it could be. However I dont encourage Intraday trading as my system is Position based, we take the entry at one date and then exit at another, while a positional Trader if he can get the trend based on our Cycles may trade in that trend. Example if the cycle trend is bullish then he can buy at every decline in intraday.

Q. Do you also have cycles for Equity Cash Delivery for Investors?

Ans. Yes we do have. I can teach a set of cycles for delivery based buying to Investors.

Q. Do you teach cycles for International Currency Pairs like USD GBP or Agri Commodities like Jeera or what all instruments do you cover?

Ans. We can teach cycles on any markets Global or Indian. USD GBP is just one pair we cover cycles for more than 60 currency pairs, all the Agri commodities Jerra, Wheat, Soy Beans, Cotton, Corn etc. We also teach cycles for Base Metals, Copper, Zinc Etc, Gold, Silver, Crude, Natural Gas and all the Global Indices & Equities (majorly top 200 in every markets). We will cover Bonds as well shortly.

Q. What if I only want to learn the cycles for Crude Oil? How many cycles are there in Crude Oil?

Ans. You can do that as well by opting for Each Instrument has limited number of High Accuracy cycles. In my research I dont get more 4-5 cycles 70-90%, then there are 3-4 cycles with 60-70% accuracy. Then few cycles with 50-60% accuracy. So in total there are 8-12 cycles generally in each instrument. There are other cycles with lower accuracy, which I don’t teach.

Q. Can I opt for one cycle for Gold one for Crude and one for Nifty ?

Ans. Yes, I can teach you cycles of different instruments. I also believe that we should trade in different instruments which have a clear trend rather loving and trading only one script for life time. I can teach the cycles so that they fall at different times and you are busy with them for next 3-5 months.

Q. Will the cycles I learn, will repeat? What is the frequency of repetition?

Ans. Yes, The cycles repeat. Repetition frequency could be 8 months to 3 years.

Q. Will I be able to apply the cycle I learn into other stocks or commodities?

Ans. No. Every cycle is different so you cant apply one cycle for others.

Q.Tools required?
Ans. Internet. Free historical chart site like
I will provide planetary data based on which the entry n exit date is known in advance.

Q. Do you believe in Financial Astrology, Astronomy or Planets?

I din’t believe in planetary stuff myself but with statistical testing, I started believing cycles with 80% or more. Aim Should be to trade 100% accuracy cycles and not compromise any thing less than that. 100% accuracy means if past 7 events then 7 times it moved in one direction with certain minimum return.

Q. I am a Fund Manager, how can I get your help?

Ans. For Institutional people we have 2 plans.

1.Per hour billing- You will have to pay as per number of hours our analyst spends time on your project.

2. Research cost per instrument

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