WD Gann Bible Astrology code in Bhagwat Gita?

WD Gann Bible Astrology code in Bhagwat Gita?

I tried to inquire what was so special about Bible, that as per WD Gann Bible was the most scientific book ever written. Gann came to know many Biblical cycles and Biblical astrology by studding bible again and again. I tried studding Bible and soon realized that I will not be able to study it long because of multiple reasons. Some of them are:

  1. Which Bible to Study Old Testament or New Testament
  2. Then I also came to know that the Bible was changed significantly in 1300s
  3. Thou , Thee and other things, I often did not understand many words
  4. It became boring, motivation to read diminished
  5. As per my friend, I was to get appointed to a Father in Church and might have acted that I wanted to accept Christianity after I was satisfied with the teachings of Bible.

Gann never told which version of Bible to Study and this became an excuse for me not to study the Bible.

It might seem that as if I am accepting a defeat , but here is the thing I had already learned so much about Gann Trading Methods without studding the Bible. Though it kept pinching me, I should study the Holy Bible and I found a different way to proceed.

Since I have always viewed all the Religions as similar, I also believed that the same things might be written in the Religious books as well. So turned towards Bhagwat Gita. Again the book was boring, when I was trying to read in the perspective of the markets. No correlation…. So much read but no correlation… Boring Conversations of Arjuna and Krishna..


Kept thinking about it, stopped reading it. Then I remembered that before the start of war there was “shankh” (shell) being played by both the parties going to fight. These Shankhs are the or “Shells” are in Fibonacci Shape I remembered.

Cycles and Repetitions: Then the Krishna upadesha of every thing will repeat again and again. A human being takes birth , becomes child, a youth, youngster, man, senile and Old and then dies and this keeps repeating.


Law of Vibration: Krishna says to Arjuna, Dying person whatever thinks of intensely before his death, get the birth of that kind of species, animal, bird, insect or plant. Krishna talks about the vibrational state of human being before dying and that vibration resulting in a new vibration (or life).

Cycles of Ages: The book also talks about ages or yugas and their repetition. I will share a detailed article on this one as well. I wanted to know the biggest cycles of millions and billions years, I managed to reach that information as well via sage, but source is another book which I am yet to get and will share the smallest to biggest cycles.

These big hints were sufficient for me become interested in Bhagwat Gita and further study it. But it has been more than 2 years and I have not been able to read the book again and got lot more busy in the market.

There were two reasons for which V D Gann had asked to read Bible:

  1. Cycles and Astrology
  2. A way to live your life

Since WD wanted people to study cycles and astrology, I tried to explore Geeta for planets.


I found striking similarity between the Mahabharata Characters and Planetary system.

Sun- Krishna

Saturn – Duryodhana (the negative character is Mahabharata)


Nakul Sehdev- the younger brothers with the least important roles (Mercury Venus)

Moon- Dropadi

Earth- Kunti (Mother Earth as mother to pandavas)

Mars- Arjuna , the one who had to pick up the arms against his loved ones.

Chiron- Karna (Chiron was discovered late same as lately  it was discovered that Karna was actually the Brother of Pandavas, born from their mother , but unknown father.

Jupiter- It could be Yudhishthir as he was a Knowledgeable and Wise same as Jupiter and also the eldest again representing Jupiter, while it could be Bhim as he was biggest in size, same as Jupiter