Why aren’t there many full-time professional traders?

My answer to Why aren't there many full-time professional traders?

Answer by Ruchir Gupta:

I am myself full time trader and Gann and Elliott Wave Trainer and I have interrogated many reasons on why there aren't many full-time professional traders:

  1. People seek comfortable jobs, the jobs which are less challenging. That is why most of the people seek to go for government jobs in India or other jobs which require lesser hard work.
  2. Regular Paychecks and Financial Security, most of the people will not take any risk, they will work for a compromising and below average salary, which is fixed and regular in nature, but never dare to dream of bringing out their full potential.
  3. People sometimes think they need to be Lucky for making any money in the markets, while the truth is they need to be hard working and once they get the edge which suits their temperament they can start making money
  4. Trading also is treated as Speculation, in this case individual refrains, his family members also refrain from letting him to go in this profession
  5. some of the reasons I have mentioned in my video Which you may watch to get higher clarity.


Why aren't there many full-time professional traders?

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